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La Vega Independent School District

District Quality Improvement Council

District Quality Improvement Council (DQIC)

The District Quality Improvement Council (DQIC) in compliance with Education Code 11.251, advises the superintendent in establishing and reviewing the District’s educational goals, objectives, and major district-wide classroom instructional programs identified by the Board or the superintendent.

Duties of the Committee

The committee shall perform the following duties:

  • Approve district-wide staff development.
  • Advise the superintendent of issues related to drop-out rates and prevention.
  • Advise the superintendent in the development of the district improvement plan.

Composition: The committee shall be composed of members who shall represent campus-based professional staff, district-level professional staff, parents, students, businesses, and the community. At least two-thirds of the district and campus professional staff shall be classroom teachers. The remaining one-third shall be professional nonteaching district- and campus-level staff.

Elections:  The consent of each nominee shall be obtained before the person’s name may appear on the ballot. The election of the committee shall be held in September of each school year.

Terms: Representatives shall be elected or selected annually.


  • Dr. Charla Rudd
  • Dr. Peggy Johnson
  • Mrs. Angela Ward