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Athletic Director: Willie Williams (254) 299-6837
Assistant Athletic Director: Don Hyde (254) 299-6819
Athletic Trainer: Keith Patterson (254)299-6822
Athletic Fax (254) 799-1831

Summer 2020 Strength and Conditioning Sessions
Starting June 8th the La Vega Coaching Staff will host summer strength and conditioning sessions for incoming 9th through 12th grade students. After lengthy discussions about the health and safety of student athletes, we have developed a comprehensive plan that will allow us to workout and maintain safety protocols approved by the UIL, TEA, and the La Vega ISD Administration. The list of protocols and safety provisions are spelled out below. If you have any questions regarding the summer workout sessions do not hesitate to reach out to us.
**Please note that attendance at these workouts sessions is voluntary not mandatory**
  • Athletes will be given a web link that will allow them to complete a daily screening process. They will not be allowed in the facility unless the daily screening questions have been completed and reviewed by staff.
  • Athletes will have temperature checked daily before being allowed into facility. If student athlete has a temperature over 100.4 degrees they will not be allowed into facility and be told to come back the next day.
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be utilized before, during, and after sessions.
  • Equipment will be disinfected during and after workouts by staff and thoroughly cleaned upon completion of day by La Vega ISD Custodial Staff.
  • Hydration - preferred to be supplied by individual students with a name on each water bottle. In the even that the preferred method is not possible a coach will man a ice chest where bottles of water will be handed out by that coach (wearing gloves). The student athlete will drink the bottle of water and dispose of empty bottle prior to leaving the area. This be considered a one in one out station.
  • Workouts will be designed to allow for proper six foot resting and 10 foot active state social distancing.
  • Ratios: strength and conditioning activities will be 15 student athletes per coach - sport specific skills will have the same ratio for outside activities while having a 10 to 1 ratio for indoors.
  • Masks will be mandatory for all indoor activities and encouraged for all outdoor activities.
  • Locker Rooms are off limits. Restroom facilities will be designated and considered one in one out areas.
  • Groups will be constructed and maintained to insure contact tracing.
  • Coaches and Athletes will be asked to stay home in the event that they are experiencing and the following symptoms
    • new or worsening cough
    • shortness of breath (non activity related)
    • chills or headache
    • sore throat
    • loss of taste or smell
    • diarrhea
    • temperature greater than 100.4 degrees
    • known contact with a person who is confirmed to have Covid-19
Session Start Time Schedule
Cross Country 7:00 am - Must Check In at Practice Field Gate Visitors Side by 6:50
Girl's Soccer 7:50 am - Must Check In at Gate Behind Press Box by 7:45
Softball 8:00 am - Must Check In at Softball Gate by 7:50
Football - Boys Basketball - Boys Track 10:00 am - Must Check FH Gates by Grade Level by 9:55
Baseball - 10:00 - Must Check in at Baseball Gate by 9:55
Volleyball - Girl's Basketball - Girl's Track 1:00 pm - Must Check in Visitor's Side Civic Center Gate by 12:50
Boy's Soccer 1:00 pm - Must Check In at Gate Behind Press Box by 12:50
This will be a very fluid situation and subject to change please go to and sign up as a parent. This will allow you to closely monitor changes and keep up with the communication coming from Coaching Staff members. Below you will see a code that is assigned to each specific sport that is offered at La Vega School.
Football - GU7LR9QP
Volleyball - 3FHHLNJW
Cross Country - 4972AYBM
Boy's Basketball - VCTZC3UF
Girl's Basketball - JS24Y9AA
Power Lifting - AJ2MJHKB
Boy's Soccer - BBGYP9GL
Girl's Soccer - 8JM8TR2F
Boy's Track - H6YM7TNH
Girl's Track - KQVSA4SH
Baseball - T2M4DTHD
Softball - AXY9GQ2L
Student Trainers - G6C3X298
Cheerleaders - BSAMDW68
Boy's Junior High Program - MX7M4N7P
Girl's Junior High Program - 9LUUJRH8