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La Vega ISD Family Engagement Plan

La Vega ISD recognizes that effective school-family partnerships (Family Engagement) are critical to student learning and success in school. Research shows that students receive the following benefits from a collaborative partnership with the school, the family and the community:  higher grades and test scores, higher attendance and homework completion, fewer placements in special education, more positive attitudes and behavior, higher graduation rates, and greater enrollment in post-secondary education.  The gain for families includes:  improved understanding of their child’s development, improved ability to parent, improved ability to assist their children with school and learning, and improved relationships among all. La Vega ISD Family Engagement Team was involved in the development of a District Wide Family Engagement Plan that will address the following:


Facilitate Family-to-Family support

Parent University

Parent Talk Sessions-Invited Speakers/parent share

Morning Break

Lunch Brunch

Family Leadership Training

Family Frameworks workshops

Family Literacy Workshops via Born Learner Academy, Child Development & Parenting Classes

Establish a network of community resources


Community Resource Fair

Faith- Based Community Partnerships

Partner with community based-organizations to create a family-friendly transition plan for students arriving from Head start, Daycare, and ECI

Community Resource Guide

Facilitate referrals to community and educational agencies

Partners to provide translators & culturally relevant resources reflective of home language

Increase Family Partnerships

Family Advisory Council (FAC) via Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) Members

recruit new parent representatives

attend PAC meetings

Support parents in ARD and transition meetings

Forums to develop leadership & communication skills


Equip families to enhance and extend learning

Home education resources

Information/training on creating a home learning environment

Home learning activities-newsletters, online technology, parent/teacher conferences (make & take activities)

Home visits and phone calls

Parent Events

Collaborate with families to respond to children’s behavior in a positive and supportive way

One on one mentoring

parent talks and workshops

Positive family practices such as attachment and nurturing that complement the stage of children’s development

Community resources

LVISD Family Engagement Staff

Parent Talks & Workshops

Develop staff skills in supporting families

Present at faculty meetings

Department meetings

Evaluate Family engagement efforts for continuous improvement

Surveys to families and staff regarding impact of services provided

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