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Parents » Expectations for Visitors to our School

Expectations for Visitors to our School

The District expects that parents and other visitors will comply with appropriate standards of conduct when visiting school property.  Accordingly, a school administrator, resource officer, or school district peace officer may refuse to allow a person to enter or may eject a person from any property under the control of the school district if the person refuses to leave peaceably upon request and 

1) the person poses a substantial risk of harm to themselves or others or 

2) is behaving in a way that is inappropriate for a school setting.  

Such a removal is appropriate and permissible if, prior to person being removed from District property, 

1) the school employee issued a verbal warning that the behavior was inappropriate and could lead to the person’s removal of the individual and 

2) the person persisted in the behavior.  

At the time of removal, the school district must make a record of the verbal warning the person receives and must provide to the person a written explanation of the appeal process.  The Commissioner of Education will adopt an appeals procedure for such removals, which will become effective immediately upon final adoption.  

Until such time as the Commissioner’s procedures are adopted, any person removed from District property may appeal such removal under Board policy FNG (Local) or (GF) (Local).  The term of a person’s removal cannot exceed two years.