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Community and Student Engagement Ratings

Community and Student Engagement (CaSE)
The Texas Education Code requires all districts and charters to evaluate their own performance, as well as that of each of their campuses, in the area of community and student engagement. Districts must assign—both to themselves and to each of their campuses—one of four performance ratings: Exemplary, Recognized, Acceptable or Unacceptable in eight components.

Districts must assign to themselves and to each of their campuses a performance rating for the following categories:

  •  Fine Arts  
  •  Wellness and Physical Education 
  •  Community and Parental Involvement  
  •  21st Century Workforce Development Program 
  •  Second Language Acquisition Program 
  •  Digital Learning Environment 
  •  Dropout Prevention Strategies  
  •  Educational Programs for Gifted and Talented Students
The 2016-17 ratings for La Vega ISD are as follows:
  La Vega ISD Primary Elementary Intermediate Junior High High School
Fine Arts  Recognized  Recognized  Recognized  Acceptable  Recognized  Exemplary
Wellness & Physical Ed.  Recognized  Recognized  Exemplary  Acceptable  Recognized  Recognized
Community & Parental Involvement  Recognized  Exemplary  Exemplary  Recognized  Recognized  Recognized
21st Century Workforce Dev.  Recognized  Recognized  Exemplary  Acceptable  Acceptable  Recognized
Second Lang. Acquisition Prog.  Recognized  Recognized  Recognized  Acceptable  Acceptable  Acceptable
Digital Learning Environment  Recognized  Recognized  Exemplary  Recognized  Acceptable  Acceptable
Dropout Prevention Strategies  Recognized  Not Applicable  Recognized  Recognized  Recognized  Recognized
Program for Gifted & Talented  Recognized  Acceptable  Recognized  Acceptable  Recognized  Acceptable
Beginning the 2017-18 school year, each district and campus will select three of the eight categories in community and student engagement on which it will rate itself for the purpose of academic accountability ratings. Each district and campus will report to TEA the rating of A, B, C, D, or F that it assigns to itself for overall performance in community and student engagement and for each of the three categories. 
The selected categories for each campus and district are:
  District Primary Elementary Intermediate  Junior High High School
1st Category Community & Parental Involvement Second Lang. Acquisition Program Wellness & Physical Ed. Second Lang. Acquisition Program Community & Parental Involvement Fine Arts
2nd Category Second Lang. Acquisition Program Educational Program for G/T Dropout Prevention Strategies Educational Program for G/T Fine Arts Community & Parental Involvement
3rd Category Digital Learning Environment Digital Learning Environment Digital Learning Environment Digital Learning Environment Digital Learning Environment 21st Century Workforce Dev.
For the criteria to be used at the conclusion of the 2017-18 school year for each category download the file below.