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Opportunity Culture » Opportunity Culture in La Vega ISD

Opportunity Culture in La Vega ISD

Part 1—Why Opportunity Culture?: What barriers keep teachers and students from experiencing great support and strong learning outcomes? This brief video highlights some of the barriers that an Opportunity Culture can remove.
Our school district is part of a growing, national Opportunity Culture movement to extend the reach of excellent teachers, principals, and their teams to more students, for more pay, within regular school budgets. That means great opportunities to have a fulfilling career path full of support.


Why Did We Choose Opportunity Culture?

To provide all students with excellent teaching and to help students close achievement gaps and leap ahead, our schools are creating an Opportunity Culture for their teachers and students. Opportunity Culture models enable schools to reach every student with excellent teachers and their teams—consistently—while paying

teachers more for their extra responsibilities, and helping all educators improve on the job and work collaboratively. All pay supplements are funded through reallocations of existing budgets–no temporary grants.

An Opportunity Culture creates new roles for teachers–through a foundation of Multi-Classroom Leadership–and support staff, and it carefully integrates technology to save teachers time and help individualize instruction, often through small groups. The most effective teachers are responsible not only for helping more students, but also for helping their peers achieve teaching excellence, too. Research has shown large student learning gains for students on multi-classroom leader teams.

In each Opportunity Culture school, a team of teachers and administrators adopts new roles to reach more students with teachers who have produced high-growth student learning. The team decides what reallocations to make to fund higher-paid roles, how to design school schedules for collaboration at school, how fast to reach all students with excellent teaching, and other design elements.

Opportunity Culture schools have attracted large numbers of outstanding educators committed to creating a culture of excellence for students, teachers, and staff. Learn more at

The Opportunity Culture team at Public Impact supports and trains districts, schools, and partners who share our commitment to reaching every student with excellent teaching, every year, and to providing outstanding career opportunities to teachers.

Learn more about Opportunity Culture!

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About  La Vega Independent School District

La Vega ISD is located primarily in the city of Bellmead with one campus (La Vega Jr. High George Dixon Campus) residing in the city of Waco.  LVISD serves approximately 3200 students in 5 campus buildings. (La Vega Primary School Phil Bancale Campus, La Vega Elementary, La Vega Intermediate School H.P Miles Campus, La Vega Jr. High George Dixon Campus, and La Vega High School).
The mission of the District is to provide a needs-satisfying environment where everyone can produce successfully, with the understanding that learning adds quality to life. Preparing each student to contribute to an ever-changing, interdependent society is our commitment.
"La Vega ISD is thrilled about the opportunity to participate in the Opportunity Culture grant, " said Sharon Shields, La Vega ISD superintendent.  "The OC objectives support and expand on existing efforts in La Vega. The impact of OC in LVISD is unlimited. The potential and opportunity to replicate our most effective teachers will further improve our instructional programs leading to student success."

Why Join our Opportunity Culture Team?

Are you a great teacher who’s ready to take the next step in your career—without leaving the students you love?

Do you like to set ambitious goals for yourself and your students? 

Do you enjoy supporting your colleagues to become more effective teachers? Are you looking for ways to help others succeed professionally?

In an Opportunity Culture, you can share your excellent teaching and build relationships with many more students, and lead and support other teachers. You’ll do that with more support for your own leadership, and more school-day time for planning and collaboration—for significantly more pay, sustainably funded.

Do you want to reach more students with your great teaching, with the strong support and collaboration of an enthusiastic teaching team and leader?

This is your chance to help even more students challenge themselves and succeed, for more pay, with powerful, proven support and more in-school time for planning and collaboration!

Join us in creating an Opportunity Culture for teachers and students!