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La Vega Independent School District

About Us

The La Vega Pirates Education Foundation, Inc. is an independent, nonprofit corporation as stipulated in the articles of incorporation filed in October 2011 and is based upon the philosophy that public education can be endowed through a broad-based system of community support, thus providing another avenue for enhancing and augmenting educational opportunities for students and teachers in the La Vega Independent School District.
The foundation is governed by a nine to 21 member board of directors which comprises a cross section of the community. It is the desire of the foundation to promote quality education to enhance life-long learning for students, teachers and administrators through community resources and funding.

Vision & Mission

To be the premier non-profit organization supporting education in La Vega Independent School District.
The mission of the La Vega Pirates Education Foundation is generate and distribute resources to support creative and innovative programs that will enhance the quality of educational programs provided to our students. 

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the La Vega Pirates Education Foundation is to solicit, manage and distribute supplemental funds for educational purposes in program areas that may not be funded by the District. Funding is supplemental and does not replace or alter use of tax-based revenue. Donations are received from individuals, corporations and other foundations to fund educational programs and projects that are in alignment with the school district’s strategic plan and to create and Endowment Fund.

Goals of the Foundation

  • To provide financial resources for programs and initiatives that align with the La Vega Independent School District’s Strategic Plan
  • To encourage academic excellence
  • To promote community awareness in education and about the Foundation
  • To ensure the perpetuity of the Foundation with an endowment fund


Any questions, comments or concerns, please contact Allison Vrana at 254-299-6729 or email here.