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La Vega Independent School District

About the Board

Parents and other community members exercise their voice in public education control through the election of the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees appoints the Superintendent who carries out the policies set by the Board. The Board and the Superintendent work together to assure the best interests of the students and the patrons of the school district. This is a team concept -- both the Board of Trustees and the Superintendent have unique responsibilities. The Board of Trustees sets the policies and priorities of the District; the Superintendent and staff ensure that the policies and priorities are carried out.
The Board of Trustees may conduct public hearings and special meetings on various topics from time to time. These hearings provide additional opportunities for public comment on items such as the budget, tax rate, etc. Notices for all school board meetings are posted on the District's website and in a public area in the Administration Building.

2022 La Vega ISD School Board of Trustees
Pictured L to R: Mr. Randy Devorsky, Mr. Myron Ridge, Mrs. Brenda Rocha, Mrs. Mildred Watkins, Mr. Henry C. Jennings, Mr. Raymond Koon, Rev. Larry Carpenter